David’s cycle down the American Pacific Coast

Today is the first day of planning for my cycle trip down the American Pacific Coast.

Where to start. A discussion occurred at work just before Christmas of 2016, my boss and fearless leader, had told a few of us that he was reaching his 10 year anniversary at work in the coming summer and that he was eligible for a 4 week sabbatical. Now my colleagues and I were obviously interested in the plans our boss was hatching, however we quickly got distracted with thoughts of what we would do. I was particularly absorbed with the topic, because being 8.5 years in, I didn’t have long to go either.

Fast forward a week and I found myself panic buying presents in the nearest big shop to my office, Selfridges. Not a cheap expedition as I rushed through the various departments, finally making my way to the top floor and desperately seeking inspiration! The top floor it turns out, was toys and books, toys I had no need for and books I have an obligation to buy through my mother (she works in the local book shop I have known all my life), but as I was about to turn on my heals and retreat down the escalators, out of the corner of my eye a book jumped out at me. Figuratively, not literally of course!

It was the Lonely Planet ‘Epic Bike Rides of the World’, something about this book made me temporarily forget my allegiance to the local book shop of my childhood and my mother’s family discount, and I bought it on the spot. I didn’t want to risk forgetting about it and something told me that this could be the inspiration for my 4 week trip in the not to distant future.

8 months passed and the book was beginning to gather dust on my book shelf, that was until last weekend, when, hung over and feeling suitably depressed, I thought it was time to consider what I should be do with my now confirmed sabbatical, sometime between June and December 2018.


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