So what am I actually doing?

A few, well two, people have asked me what the ride I’ve become slowly obsessed with actually is! I’ll attempt to explain.

I’m not a traveller, adventurer, sun or thrill seeker. I do get bored though and I like a bit of a challenge. Well, a plastic challenge! I like the idea of a physical test, but not a mental and logistical nightmare, with lots of variables to consider. PCH gives me everything I need. Great scenery, an end point, civilisation, English, the acceptance of credit cards, a plethora of on route bike shops and probably most importantly, Uber, if it all goes wrong!

So, how hard is this challenge I hear you not shouting loudly from the rafters? Let’s compare:

Tour de France 2018 PCH (My Outline Route)
Distance 3349 KM/2080.97 2 Miles 2935.33 KM/1823.9301 Miles
Number of Stages/Days 21 21
Rest Days 2 0
Distance per day 145.61 KM 139.78 KM

A couple of caveats! My route above was drawn in 10 minutes using google maps pedometer, it is unfortunately, a best case scenario, as it does not consider any sections of PCH to be closed. This is not the case, various sections are closed due to land slides and general wear so I’ll be going further depending on the diversions.

I also haven’t included a climbing comparison, mainly because I haven’t had time to work it out. It will come, no doubt when I’m bored in a coffee shop and feeling particularly sorry for myself after attempting a particularly ‘David planned’ accidental Alpian day!

Finally, Le Tour is a race and this isn’t! Clearly for those that know me, it is actually a race ;), but, as many have been at pains to remind me, it is actually a voyage, which should be fun and eventful, not a relentless ride against the clock. We’ll see. It may not be a race, but I’m playing by Triathlon Rules, no drafting. Oh and I’m also carrying my kit.

The Route:

My rough route is laid out below:


I guess another benefit of this adventure is the difficulty of getting lost. Ocean to my right and all is A OK!

2 thoughts on “So what am I actually doing?”

  1. Hi David – Barbara has sent us your “Blog” links so we will enjoy following your adventures. Really hope you achieve all that you have dreamt of – I am sure you will experience some amazing things. So far your “Trucker Angels” I am sure have restored one’s faith in mankind. Have a brilliant time and I will continue to follow your daily diary and will write again soon . Best wishes Jane and Gordon


  2. Dave – this is amazing! Just seen what you’re doing and it looks wonderful. I’m so jealous and happy you’ve done this. Nice work pal. Hope to see you at some point, let me know if you ever venture north of the M25 x


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