Day 1 – Seattle to Port Angeles (141.1km)

It all started so well. Bike built, GPS working, clear roads, sun. 7:30 to ride 101 miles. Easy.

Pft I thought at the 9hrs 30min predicted Google maps ride time, but darn you big G, you always know don’t you. Big G knew that the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge only goes once an hour, big G also knew I would miss the ferry by 2 minutes!

Still, the upside to that meant I could get changed, so I look like a cyclist, and also hit my first fast food establishment of the trip. Footlong Subway, check!

Off the ferry and on to the wooded roads of North America. It turns out Google has quite the sens of humour, so I literally mean wooded roads, Big G sent me down this lovely piece of tarmac for 4km,only to re join the road I had previously left:

It was pretty epic though and the day in general brought some spectacular scenery, which I captured very badly, so will spare you all!

After a false finish, where Google once again smashed it out the park and took me to the wrong side of town and 9 miles from my motel, I have successfully concluded my day. The motel is everything I could have hoped for. Its so bad I’m not eating tonight, I can’t risk leaving my bike locked in the room!

5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Seattle to Port Angeles (141.1km)”

  1. Sounds like a solid start mate!

    Don’t forget the Big G took us down some less than road bike worthy canal paths before on our way to Windsor! 🤦‍♂️


  2. Hi David. What a day! Not sure how trustworthy the Satnav is after your woody experience! I hope you managed breakfast before you set of in the morning. Keep in touch and let us know the actual place(s) you arrive at each day so that we know how to find you on the map!. DAD x


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