Day 3 – back to Port Angeles then on to Fawks (91.7km)

I’m not sure I’ll ever complain about transport in London again.

Up and out of the hotel by 7am, I picked up the bus schedule to find the bus comes once an hour from 9:15! Still, no rush, the plan wasn’t to ride today, just to fix my bike. I’ve got all day to get to PA.

Waiting by the side of the road my latest hero pulled over, Don Fishel. Don took me to the next bus stop, where there was a diner, result. Having drunk as much freefill coffee as I could and downloading an inspirational film from NetFlix, Don refused to let me pay, we said our goodbyes and I successfully jumped on my first bus.

In a stroke of luck, or perhaps proper public transport schedule planning, I only had to wait 10 minutes for my next bus! A good job really, as yet again I was stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Once on the bus, my day went from strength to strength. The journey was scheduled for 60 minutes and the film was 55 (Finding Traction – Its about breaking an Utra marathon distance record in the US), on my headphones went and 55 minutes of inspiration followed.

As the film finished the bus pulled up at the final stop, PA Central. I got off the bus, turned around and saw what turned out to be PA’s largest bike shop. Get in. Which clearly I did! The shop only had two sets of road bike tyres, after a worried moment, it turned out they were Armadillos, for the uninitiated, these are basically the perfect tyres for my trip. Ultra durable and puncutre proof, coated in Kevlar no less. Two new long stem tubes and an offer to fit them then and there, after being in PA for 30 minutes my bike was back in fighting shape

It had only just turned 12. Having previously declared today a rest day, I was faced with either getting on a bus to Fawks or stepping up and remembering this is an adventure. Adventure won through and before I knew it I was back on the bike and on route to Fawks.

The route was perfect, get on the 101 and stay on it until you get there. No need for any ‘help’ from big G today!

I’m happy to report the ride was without event. Fantastic scenery, smooth roads made from asphalt and rolling up and downs. Today wasn’t about time, it was just getting back on the saddle and ending Day 3 where I had originally planned. No day in hand, but I’m here and in good spirits.

Oh, more fast food of course 😉

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