Day 4 – Fawks to Aberdeen (172.7km)

Last night I went to sleep having subjected myself to American news. Interesting. It seems I flew in to Seattle and headed out just in time. Wild fires and a plane being stolen from the airport, blimey.

The end of the news report suggested rain today with the possibility of thunder, so I resolved to start early and try to stay ahead of it. Up and out by 6am, the sky was grey, but it was dry. Off I went.

It was dry for about 2km, then the sky opened up and let me have it. Rain isn’t really an issue, once you’re wet, you’re wet, but the wind wasn’t ideal. Still I pressed on, I needed to get to breakfast and that was 2 hours away!

Safely racked up, I headed in for breakfast. Having had only fried or grilled food for the last three days I asked if they had porridge and fresh fruit. The waiter looked at me as if I was an alien speaking Klingon! Guess I’ll have bacon, hash browns, muffins and the ubiquitous free fill coffee then!

Maybe not healthy, but it did the job. Recharged, I took in the spectacular or what should have been spectacular, view.

You can’t really tell, but in the distance is the sea!

Breakfast finished and no sign of the rain easing, I got back on the bike and ploughed on. Hopefully this isn’t too disappointing, but the rest of today went off without much issue. It didn’t stop raining, so I was motivated to keep a decent turn of pace (well for me), finally arriving in Aberdeen just before 2pm.

Day 4 in the book, but some interesting casualties. My headphones no longer work and currently my phone is telling me it can’t charge due to water being detected. I didn’t even know it could tell me that! Hopefully the miracle of time will fix both before I got to sleep, otherwise tomorrow will be a quiet day, with no blog 😉 !

3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Fawks to Aberdeen (172.7km)”

    1. Hi mate,

      Temperature was fine, its only when I stop that I feel it, so just kept on going.

      Phone is working and in a waterproof bag from now on! Headphones will need to be assessed tonight.


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