Day 5 – Aberdeen to Seaside (146.8km)

Another early start, but with a resolve to take it easy today. Rain was at 20%, so I was ready. Phone managed to charge last night and it is well and truly bagged up! Headphones are still not happy.

Denny’s for breakfast, add it to the list of healthy restaurants!

On the bike and almost immediately in to hills, no worries, I had already checked the topography with the ever ‘trustworthy’ Big G and today was to be front heavy with hills, but a flat last 40km or so.

First stop Raymond just after 40km split the day up nicely. At the stop I thought I had better check my directions as I was coming off my trusty Route 101 in parts, I noticed this:

Above is the Big G car and bike route, if you look carefully there is a subtle difference. If you can’t see it, the section in question is below:

On the bike route Big G recommends taking a left off 101, into a natural area preserve, which doesn’t appear to have any proper roads….. Not this time my friends, not this time. I’m on to you Big G, I thought we were friends, but it seems extra miles and 101 are my only trusted companions.

On I went, happy in the knowledge that it would soon get flatter and I was safely remaining on smooth(ish) asphalt.

Second stop of the day was a service station in Naselle, a town that contains only a service station, which was shut! After a couple of muttered expletives I noticed a tiny espresso booth was actually open on the side. Over I went for a coffee and some snacks, whilst talking, the kind attendant explained that the store was closed because it was 9:50 on Sunday morning and this wasn’t ‘the big city’, pretty fair point really.

The big store may have been shut, but this little kiosk did have the best surprise ever.

Fruit, actual fruit. I can’t tell you how happy it made me.

On I went, focusing on finishing by midday, too soon really, I should have ridden further, but for once I had already booked the hotel, so no changing that.

The only event from Naselle to Seaside was the Megler-Astoria bridge, long and straight, with no real hard shoulder and an evil hill right at the end. I would have taken a picture my self, but the fear I had coming off the bridge and the speed of the cars whizzing past, means you’ll have to cope with this Pro shot

From the bridge it was flat and fast all the way to Seaside. I was so early my room wasn’t ready! The ever friendly motel staff let me leave my bike and bags in reception so I could run off in my lycra to find food, quickly.

Pizza and a beer were the order of the day, typically finishing both too quickly, I headed back to check in and for a much needed shower, whilst feeling decidedly sick. Due to the relentless rain of yesterday and the wet roads today my bike was yet again in bad shape. Reception directed me to the local bike shop and they gave it a quick clean and oil. Result.

All done and it was only 4:30, which gave me plenty of time to watch the massive volleyball tournament finishing on the beach and a cheeky bit of reading as the sun came down.

Big plans for tomorrow, but no accommodation booked, so fluid on where I end up.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – Aberdeen to Seaside (146.8km)”

  1. Hi David I am really enjoying your blog keep on and on and on and on…………………………………………..


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