Day 7 – Newport to Bandon (193.4 Km)

OK, I was a bit keen this morning. Got up, packed, placed my keys on the bed, left my room and headed outside to start the day. It was still dark. With no way back in to the motel, I was left with two options, stand in the cold, or attempt the danger cycle 2km down the road to the convenience store that I was told yesterday did breakfast. I chose the latter.

The result of taking my life in to my own hands? The taste sensation above! Strange deep fried barritos, a cookie, but an all important banana! I really didn’t know how much I liked bananas.

Up and out as the sun came up, I was soon getting the necessary distance in. Unfortunately, once again, the weather wasn’t great. Fog all day, further increasing my misty and grey photo collection!

It really is a shame, because the Oregon coast is beautiful.

My early morning breakfast adventure, coupled with the never dispersing fog, got me thinking how short sighted my choice of clothing and general set up is. From my helmet to my socks I am clad completely in black. Why? Because black is cool! Ha, just typing that makes me feel ridiculous. Lights? No. Why? Because lights have unnecessary weight. Idiot. Moving on.

It’s diffuclt to describe the fear of descending down a fairly main road at over 60 KMPH, with no hard shoulder, no lights, all in black, whilst hearing the roaring thunder of a logging truck coming from behind. I felt that fear several times this morning. The saving grace though, was that every time the thunder past by, I was greeted with the intoxicating smell of freshly felled trees. Every cloud!

With no need or want to prolong the day I kept my head down, stopped once for a second breakfast and then grinded out the remaining KMs to Bandon. On route I passed a tandom (failed photo), a broken down cyclist (who I stopped for, but couldn’t help as he needed a new gear cable) and two charity riders (who were very inspirational and made me feel particularly shallow for doing this whole thing for no other reason than just fancying it). Upon arrival in Bandon I passed another brewery/bar and spotted two touring bikes outside. It would have been rude not to pop in and say hi (to the taps) and I met a lovely cycling couple (no photo, I have a thing about ‘holiday friends’) and had a great two beer chat about their journey.

Feeling positive, I booked the Sunset Motel thinking I may get to see one, but of course, the fog hadn’t moved anywhere!

On to tomorrow and hopefully some sun.

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