Day 11 – Fort Bragg to Santa Rosa, via Bodega Bay (214.0 Km)

It was so cold this morning! But that could only mean one thing, a lack of cloud cover and the potential for sun.

Pop tarts eaten, out I went. It was the first morning I have regretted my lack of kit, a long sleeve top would have been really useful! I trundled along at a pretty slow pace and after hitting a hill I’m sure wasn’t on the map (thanks Big G), I was greated by a café at the top.

Now I know what gravy is, I clearly ordered it! As the food arrived the sun came out, so I sat happily knowing I would have energy and heat as soon as I restarted. As I was drinking my third cup of coffee I noticed a group of three youngish cyclists whiz past. I quickly paid my cheque and set off trying to catch these tortoises fellow cyclists! Unfortunately, 10 minutes down the road was a town and they pulled in for a rest, darn it, no chat for me today!

The silence was more than made up with by the stunning scenery, which for once I could actually see.

It is so much easier cycling in the sun. Soon I was making good time and saying hello to various cyclists who had appeared with the weather. As I rounded yet another climbing corner I saw two cyclists taking a picture. Pulling up, we got talking, they had only been going an hour or so, but were planning lunch at Bodega Bay, my end point, so we decided to ride there together. A relaxed jaunt to Bodega Bay ensued, they were on separate adventures, but ending in Mexico and San Francisco.

Arriving at Bodega Bay in high spirits, we hit the only grocery store in town for lunch. As we were eating I set about looking for my accommodation for the night, the nearest place I could find was 30km+ away! I played around, certain that couldn’t be right, but unfortunately it was!

Sunday is my planned rest/short day, I’m dropping in on a great friend’s parents who live in Novato, they’re putting me up for the evening. Amazing. With Novato my goal for tomorrow I decided to ride part of tomorrow’s route and stay in Santa Rosa. More today meant less tomorrow.

Today ended up being a pretty long but really fun day. Only downside being I was so tired on arrival at the motel that I could only face a 20m walk to the nearest food station, Taco Bell. Tragic.

Bring on tomorrow and the prospect of doing washing, eating vegetables and generally relaxing!

3 thoughts on “Day 11 – Fort Bragg to Santa Rosa, via Bodega Bay (214.0 Km)”

  1. Those giant redwoods are really something. I am so enjoying your blog. You write very well and I am entertained. I do think you could turn these into episodes for Radio 4. xx


  2. Wow you seem to finally have got some half decent weather, and company too even if they are on a slower journey than you. Keep on trucking and catch you tomorrow at breakfast.


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