Day 12 – Santa Rosa to Novato (52.9km)

Rest day and general R&R with The Fulchirons!

I really chose the wrong motel start my rest day in. Having been up and out early everyday of the trip so far, I’ve missed every breakfast. The one day I started late gave me the opportunity to take advantage of the second B in B&B. What culinary sensation did I receive? Microwave porridge! I actually quite like the Quaker Oats sachets and have them at work most mornings, but I was expecting a little more. Especially since I was given the sachet, milk and a coffee and sent back to my room to make it. A sad, lonely morning. I turned on CNN and thought of President Trump watching Fox and (his) Friends!

With only 50km or so to do, I wanted a late start, but 50 minutes of news put me on my bike before 8:30! I thought I’d get to Novato early, find a coffee shop and chill until an acceptable time to disturb the Fulchiron’s day. 10:30 and with 500m to go I found a Starbucks, perfect. Filter (rocket fuel) coffee ordered, I looked up to see none other than Peter Fulchiron, one half of The Fulchirons and my host for the day, walking out with coffees in hand. Running over and giving him quite the surprise I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him.

Bike in the back of Peter’s truck and up to the house, in not time I was showered, changed and chatting away. Cindy immediately offered to clean all my clothes, which I gladly and immediately accepted. What a fantastic start to the day! I suddenly found myself back in civilisation with a coffee and perhaps the best view of my trip so far – from Peter and Cindy’s garden!

A day of complete relaxation followed, lunch in Novato, two bike shops (just because) and then…

Vegetables! Yes, yes, yes. I munched my way through what seemed like my body weight in carrots and celery sticks, it was great.

Sitting in the California evening sun, book in hand and a week to go. I feel very privileged not just to be on this journey, but to have been welcomed and taken care of by such dear friends.

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