Day 14 – Davenport to Carmel (124.8 Km)

With a shorter day planned I had a little lie in and headed down to the motel reception for breakfast, however it wasn’t to be. Everything was shut and not looking close to opening. So on the bike and a short trip to Santa Cruz I went, where I duly racked up and got my morning calories.

(I know, a stylised photo, Google did it automatically, who knew)

A few quick shots of the closed and slightly eery fair ground and I was, for the first time since the fateful Day 2, back in the hands of Big G. With apprehension I took various left and right turns until I got to the entrance to the faithful ‘1’, but Big G had other ideas, there would be no ‘1’ today. To be fair, as I headed towards the entrance to ‘1’ there was a big sign saying no bicycles, so Big G seemed to be on my side!

Off in to the countryside I went, soon I encountered teams of workers picking fruit and veg, it went on for miles and miles. The whole time I was riding passed them all I could think was, what do they do with all this? They don’t serve it anywhere!

After the fun of the farms, Big G got back to its usual behaviour, all I’ll say is that if you ever need to hide and perhaps bury a body somewhere randomly in Southern California, I know the roads for you. Moving swiftly on. Soon I was on a fantastic cycle path, it took me all the way to Monterey, where the fun could really begin.

This week is car week in Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel and it didn’t disappoint, unlike my photos!

Today was particularly great because it was classic Porsche heavy. For those who don’t know, the Porsche 912S, short wheel base, in sunburnt orange, is the car of my dreams. It wasn’t there, but it got very close!

Carmel was awesome, thousands of car lovers, hundreds of beautiful cars and one lycra clad cyclist getting in the way! I spent over an hour admiring as many cars as I could, then head off to the hotel.

That’s right, hotel. Due to the car show, there was a distinct lack of accommodation on offer and even less at a reasonable price. No choice but to grant myself some temporary luxury, the budget is blown and I am definitely having breakfast here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Davenport to Carmel (124.8 Km)”

  1. And you rode passed all that fruit.. warmer weather and millions of dollars of cars. Life is getting better . We enjoy our breakfasts reading your blogs here in sunny Wales.


  2. Good to hear that your trip is getting more exciting. The car fest looks brilliant . Hope breakfast was delicious. Have a good day. Much love Jane


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