Day 15 – Carmel to San Simeon (148.7 Km)

What a day!

A fabulous breakfast in my rather plush hotel and on the road for 7am. Today was the day, Big Sur in all its glory. The legend of this section of coast preceeds it and I couldn’t wait.

It really didn’t disappoint. The sun came out and the hills started rolling, relentlessly. It was up and down all day, with ore inspiring views throughout. Too many view points to stop at and so many epic descents I lost count.

The hills kept my average speed down, but I assure you the effort was there! About 60km in I stopped for a photo, my tortoise senses were alerted, I saw Jeremy, one of the boys from a few days ago, how was he ahead of me? A quick shot and off, I clearly needed to put some effort in!

Nearing the end of the day I hit a traffic jam, with elation, I passed by all the cars that had so gleefully come by me in the hour before. Pedal power was clearly the superior mode of transport today! My glee was well and truly shoved back in my face when I got to the police car at the front of the jam. A truck had turned over up the road and nobody, not even hero cyclists (not me, the 20 strong firefighting charity ride also caught at the front) were getting through. Aaaaaah, I only had 12 miles left.

Sat in the shade, with a pretty spectacular view. It wasn’t bad at all. Truth be told, if I had made it to the hotel I would only have been trying to find the nearest terrible restaurant for dinner.

We didn’t get to see the lorry in its perilous position, but one of the team helping to move it let me take a photo of his photo.

Too long and taking the corner too tight.

After 4 hours the road was cleared and all were able to start their journeys once again, however not with any pace. We had to sit behind the lorry all the way down the hill, until it cleared the tight turns and made it on to a straighter section.

One massive positive to all this was that because its car week and Route 1 is not only the main way back to Monterey but also a fantastic driving road, we got to see an unrivaled selection of super cars sat in traffic.

The other silver lining was the forced stop allowed Jeremy to catch up, so for only the second time in over two weeks, I had someone to have dinner with!

5 thoughts on “Day 15 – Carmel to San Simeon (148.7 Km)”

  1. Well what a day, fog and mist gone hopefully for the rest of your trip and the sun is with you all the way.. some great photos .. Lompoc area tomorrow?.


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