Day 17 – Lompoc to Ventura (139.3 Km)

Almost there!

I think today was the first time I actually thought I may have broken the back of this little adventure. The longest of the short days left, dare I say, there’s not much than can go wrong from this point.

Another unnecessarily early start, I was up and out at the crack of dawn. I just can’t sleep in.

This and the next last few days really aren’t tough cycling. Mainly flat and good roads, my glass half full is telling me all is OK.

Never ideal when you see the road you’ve lived on for the last several weeks is no longer accommodating you, but not to worry, the very well sign posted PCH cycle route, took me through a lovely town for breakfast and then on to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, a combination of two amazing words, perhaps to dwell on later. I was there just before lunch, and I must say, SB was the best city I’ve been through so far. Great shops, road and views all the way. One day I’ll take a photo that justifies what my eyes saw and my head describes, but until then..

Off I went, not far to go, I had a fantastic surprise in store. The US isn’t exactly cycling mecca, but every so often they deliver an unrivaled cycle path.

On the coast side of the road, with one of the best beaches I’ve seen on the trip to my right, I found myself on a private and gated cycle path. A tip of the cap to whomever got this agreed, it was amazing.

Soon my day was done and I was in Ventura for lunch, In and Out, just because, and then the Motel was booked. I decided a Friday drink was the next step, so off I went.

Ok, so honestly, I had a few beers in a great local brewery. But what I witnessed next was not drink enabled! On the walk back (8pm) I stumbled into a Cornhole tournament.

What is that? You may rightly ask. Well, as far as I can tell, it is a bean bag throwing competition, where the prize is $42,000! I caught the warm ups, but the tournament is going on all weekend. If you’re in doubt:

Mind boggling.

Tucked up and thinking about the sights and experiences of my short cycle tomorrow. My daily average is going to be ruined, but I may have something of interest to write about!

One thought on “Day 17 – Lompoc to Ventura (139.3 Km)”

  1. Gordon estimates somewhere between Santa Monica and Long Beach for your next stage. Only in America regarding the Cornhole competition ! Could be in the next Olympics!
    The coastline looks amazing.
    Enjoy the rest of the trip and your holiday at the end of it.
    Best wishes J&G


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